Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Said What?

     I seem to get into the most trouble because of my big mouth.  I live in Vermont and have for 20 years.  But I am a born an bred Jersey girl at heart, with the mouth to go with it.  Add to the mix an Italian background and upbringing and you can just imagine how much I have to say about EVERYTHING!  I have never been a quiet mousy type of woman.  I speak my mind regardless of whether or not anybody wants to hear it and have always acted as such.  This new lifestyle of Domestic Discipline and having my Daddy as the Head of Household is a whole new ball game for me and at times, a very difficult role for me to play.
     Now please do not misunderstand.  This is what I wanted and have completely consented to; in point of fact, if you'll remember from earlier...this was MY idea!   That does not preclude, however, my often times shear reluctance to being told what to do.  In our marriage, he has the power to tell me what to do, where to go and how to act.  He will also correct my behavior if need be, no matter where we are.  Needless to say, I do not always find it easy to obey. Especially when he corrects me in public.  It can be quite humiliating to give back a clever retort to one of his remarks only to have him say, "Excuse me?  What did you say?"  When this occurs in company, I can assure you that the experience can be quite embarrassing.  This happened to me in a restaurant last night, and I can tell you, I was less than thrilled.  To be chastised is one thing, but for it to happen in public is a humiliating experience. I am trying, very hard, to curb my tongue and to be more respectful of my Daddy.
     He often says that the other problem is not always with the words that I say, but with my tone.  "Tone?  What tone?"  ;)  Well, tone is just another word for attitude.  Where I come from, girls are taught from conception to deliver their words with not just A tone, but the RIGHT tone for every situation.  A tone for making him feel guilty when he's late for dinner and doesn't call, a tone for getting the kids to clean up their room, a tone for making everybody feel guilty for not going to church!  It just goes on and on.  In fact, I think I had almost turned it into an art form!  ;)  And now, I have to deprogram myself of all of those behaviors.
    There are times when I actually feel incapable of doing this.  And then I see my Daddy.  So strong, so handsome, so protective!   The love I feel for him knows no bounds.  There are no lengths to which I won't go to please him.  Then I feel humbled and honored to be able to submit myself to him.  Honored that he chose me to be HIS BabyDoll, honored to be his wife.  The greatest gift I have to give him is myself, and so I do that willingly and happily.  I am his property, his own.


  1. My daddy says the same thing when I back talk. " excuse me?" .. I will be like umm umm and I only have one chance to correct myself, and if I don't well . Lets just say I will be facing a corner for awhile. And my daddy tells me the same thing about my tone. I don't somtimes hear what he hears, and sometimes I get annoyed , because he tells me that I had an attitude and I don't think I do. So I get more irritable. Not a very good thing for me to be. Cause I always end up in corner time.
    I am new to the dd relationship myself. So, I have a lot to learn also.

    1. Isn't is ironic that no matter how much we ourselves want to be corrected and taken in hand, our rebellious nature often feel like an insurmountable obstacle to overcome. But everyday, I try harder than the day before to better myself. And I know that Daddy sees and appreciates the effort. I hope your Daddy does too! :)

  2. Yes, I try hard also. But my naughtyness always seems to come out. I think it is to see how far I can push him. But I don't want to push him to far.
    I'm a little kid, and I totally act like one too!
    Yes, my daddy does appreciate that I try.

  3. I love you so much Baby Doll, and I know how hard you are trying; and I promise that I will work hard to help you along this new path ... You are my Baby Doll!!!


  4. Awww. Your both so lucky!!!

  5. Thanks! :) We definitely feel lucky! I wish everyone could feel the sort of love that we have for each other. Everyone deserves to be THIS happy!

  6. Yes, your abosouly right!!

    Hope someday I will be as happy as you both are! :-)