Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Last Night...Take Two

     Okay, so Daddy wanted me to be more specific about what I said to him that was so disrespectful and was the big reason I was punished last night.  I believe that I told him to "shut up" and there was some snarky comment about him "stuffing his face" while I needed help with the kids...and (as if that wasn't enough!) another rude comment which I can't quite remember.  Those liturgical remarks were MORE than enough to earn me a pretty severe punishment!
      He also asked me to tell you about the other reason I was punished, the way I  was last night.  It was  because I broke rule #1 twice yesterday...not asking Daddy if I could go potty.  Daddy says that we have been working on this rule long enough that I should NEVER forget anymore.  From a couple of weeks ago now, my punishments for breaking rule #1 have gotten more severe.  The longer I continually break a rule, the harsher my punishment for it will get...Daddy says.  *cringe*
     So I am publicly apologizing to Daddy for what I said last night.  It was rude and disrespectful and I am VERY sorry for what I said last night and how I behaved.  I l LOVE YOU DADDY!

P.S.  I hope this explanation meets with Daddy's approval?

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  1. Thank you Baby Doll for being clearer on the evening. You are such a good baby doll and I will always be proud of you.

    See you after work for some lov'n!!!