Monday, January 12, 2015

The Taste of Soap

    Daddy washed my mouth out with soap for the first time this morning.  Let me begin by saying that just last night Daddy had said that he was tired of my cursing.  Admittedly I can sound like a sailor on shore leave at times...but I somehow view this as my way of releasing the pressure that would otherwise cause me to explode.  But Daddy said that he had been lenient about it long enough and that it was time for me to learn.  He told me that if I was to curse again, that he would wash my mouth out with soap.
     Smash cut to...getting out of bed this morning. Both Daddy and I had woken up grumpy and tired, which is never a good thing.  We started arguing almost immediately about anything and everything. Then I made the mistake of actually calling my Daddy a curse word.  He grabbed me by the shoulders, picked me up and forced me into the bathroom despite my fighting him all the way.  He forced the bar of soap in my mouth and held it there.  He then pulled it out as it scraped against my teeth. I use a pink rose scented bar soap in our bathroom and it made my mouth taste like pot pourri... highly unpleasant.
     I rinsed and spit until all of the soap was out of my mouth, but now the inside of my mouth was squeaky and felt, well, for lack of a better word...polished.  It was not enjoyable.  And yet...
     I did not STOP there.  I actually felt it necessary to keep arguing (and cursing) thereby bringing on round two of the soap.  This time was even worse than before.  There was so much soap stuck in my teeth that it took forever to get it out.  Even after I had gotten all of the soap out of my mouth, the taste wouldn't go away for well over two hours.
    I will try VERY hard to think about my words and not use language that is unbecoming to a lady.  It's just that when I get mad, I tend to just say whatever pops into my head.  Not always smart!  But I will do my best to "clean up" my act and to make my Daddy proud of me.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's Been A While!

     Wow!  Has it been a while since I have posted!  I sincerely apologize to anyone who has been kind enough to follow my postings.  The new business that Daddy and I started has taken up ALL of our time...literally!  It has also put a TON of new stresses and pressures on our Daddy and BabyDoll relationship.  We have had to come up with many new strategies for making this work in our everyday business life.  Not always easy!  ( and it doesn't always work! ) I can tell you there have been many "spur of the moment" and "off the cuff" discipline sessions.  Always, quick, creative and painful!    
     I have found it very difficult to stay submissive to Daddy when I am expected to be in charge at work, with Daddy, all day every day.  I can assure you, however, that Daddy doesn't let me get away with much!  When I step out of line, I get that look which tells me that my bottom is in for it later! There tend to be more silent spankings at work...until Daddy can get me home to truly punish me.
     Since I last posted...there have been some changes in mine and Daddy's relationship.  Daddy is now my Daddy, in EVERY sense of the word.  Whenever we are not at work, I am put in a diaper.  I now get to have pacifiers, bottles and toys!  Daddy has truly become my protector and caregiver.  I find that as soon as Daddy puts me in my little baby dress and puts a ribbon in my hair, I regress right back to being two years old and it feels wonderful!  It's amazing how it feels to have my Daddy hold me in his arms, while giving me a bottle, stroking my hair and telling me that everything will be alright...that Daddy will make everything okay.  All the fear and worry that I have melts away and there is no better feeling in the world! (More posts to come on this topic...)
     Daddy is still HOH and making all the decisions as before, his role has just expanded to include the caring and nurturing of me!  This is not exactly how this DD relationship started out...but this has been the natural progression for US.  Not that this would be appropriate for everyone, but for works.
     I am happier than ever with my Daddy and our relationship. I think that all along I wanted to be "babied" but never really consciously knew it.  Now I can truly say that Daddy is in charge of EVERYTHING!  (Even my bed time...Daddy doesn't like a cranky BabyDoll. 
     Now that the business has settled down a little,  I promise to start posting again.  Daddy has ordered me to do it WILL be happening!
     I will let you know how things go tonight...Daddy says I have been a very disrespectful and naughty baby today.  I think my bottom might be in trouble...*cringe*