Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mute Button

     Daddy has ordered me a new pacifier.  Not a nice pretty little pink one with flowers on it like the one I have...but one that is for punishment ONLY.  It's blue and white with a ring on it and across the front it says " Mute Button."  I am less than pleased about this.  When I first got the pacifiers, I did not know if I would like it or not.  But to my surprise I found it terribly soothing and comforting.   Now let me be clear...I am not allowed to have the pacifier whenever I want it, or need it.  I am only allowed to have it when Daddy deems it necessary or appropriate.  There have been several occasions where Daddy shoved the pacifier angrily into my mouth during Corner Time.  This was done to add to the shame and humiliation of the situation.  This is probably the only time I do not like having my pacifier.
     That is why Daddy has ordered me a new one.  This one will be for punishment ONLY.  It is Blue, I do not like that and it says "Mute Button" across the front.  I REALLY do not like that.  Daddy says it is for times when I am a very bad girl.  Daddy often tells me that I behave like a spoiled bratty little baby.  When I act like that, Daddy treats me as such.  There is most often Corner Time, followed by being put in a diaper and now, I would imagine, being made to have a "Mute Button."  I scowled when Daddy showed me his latest "on-line" purchase.  When he saw my reaction...he just laughed.  I think it pleased Daddy to no end that I was quite unhappy with his choice in pacifiers for me.  Who knew I would ever want a pacifier...and who knew that one which says "Mute Button" would anger me so?  Sometimes it's hard to be Daddy's BabyDoll.  But I love, honor and obey...no matter what.  *sigh*

P.S.  Did I mention that along with the pacifier, Daddy ordered a very LARGE wooden paddle and a new LARGER anal plug?  I will, however, expound on those topics another time.  *cringe*

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  1. Mute button is here .... hope to not need it anytime soon .... althougb it will match Baby Dolls new dress so well.

    Oh, I think the wooden 36" paddle has arrived too ... we can try this out later!!!