Saturday, January 11, 2014

Forms of Discipline

     Why would anyone want to be disciplined?  I think this is a question to which the answer is so primal and innate that it is almost unanswerable. We need to feel loved, protected and nurtured.
We want to know that our mate would do anything and everything to keep us and our families safe.  I know that I have always craved structure and discipline...I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame, and thank God that I have finally found my Daddy!
     So we know that Daddy is very fond of spanking when I break a rule. Usually this is accomplished with his hand.  Daddy has used a wooden spoon once before and I HATED it!  I also don't like it when Daddy makes me bend over while standing up, for a spanking.  Both things make me feel very out of control and unsafe.  I need to feel Daddy's (i.e. his hand or be over his knee) connection to me to achieve that feeling of security and safety.  This does not mean that Daddy does not have other forms of punishments up his sleeve.  
     We are beginning to implement all sorts of discipline techniques to help me remember how to behave.  For example, one day, when I didn't ask to go potty all day, Daddy created an assignment for me.  I had to write out 100 times (on paper in long hand!) " I will always ask Daddy to go potty, if it is okay with him."  It took me 2 hours of solid writing and 7 sheets of notebook paper!  It was a real pain...but it did help me to least for a day or two!  ;)
     I worry that as Daddy reads other suggestions and gets more creative, my punishments will only get harder...but that is what I signed on for!  I love my Daddy and I am SO grateful that he takes the time and effort to correct me when I have done something wrong.  He is the man of my dreams!


  1. All of my punishments I give to my Baby Doll are full of love and are designed to help her learn to respect our new lifestyle .... to respect her Daddy ... Me!!!

  2. Tonight, Baby Doll's experienced a few new forms of discipline. I would like Baby Doll to explain her evening begining with the messages. I would like my baby doll to explain how the new disciplines made her feel, and why Daddy had to push at her boundaries. I BeLove you Baby Doll!!!