Friday, February 7, 2014

What DADDY Does With A Girl Who Won't Behave!

     So, If you all remember, I had some punishments remaining from the day before for several infractions.  The most severe of all, of course, was trying to slap Daddy.  Daddy could not paddle me that night because the children were home.  He was going to make up for that tonight!  We had to go out to run some errands first last night, but I knew I was in for it when I got home!  After we arrived home, I got busy doing laundry and making chicken stock for soup the next day.  (Hoping Daddy might forget about his promise the day before!)
    Once dinner was made and things quieted down,  Daddy asked me if I wanted to go get changed.  I nodded yes and Daddy led me up the stairs to the bedroom.  He slowly removed my clothes...first slipping my shirt up and over my head.  Then sliding my pants and undies down around my ankles and slipping them off my feet one at a time.  I stood there, shivering in just my socks.  Daddy ordered me to put my arms up above my head, which I did.  He was going to perform his "inspection" to make sure that I was properly shaven and clean.  He slid his hands down my arms and armpits, over my breasts, waist and hips and down my outer thighs and calves and then back up my inner thighs to finally reach HIS pussy.  He spent a long time there making sure that every fold and crevice was smooth as a baby.  When Daddy was fully satisfied with his inspection, he gently slipped the soft flannel nightgown over my head.
    He then  kissed my neck and shoulders very softly and whispered..."Are you ready to start your punishment?"  I sullenly nodded yes.  Daddy took my hand and led me over to the bed.  He bent me over it and lifted my nightgown.  He then explained to me that this would be the first of MANY spankings that night because of my atrocious behavior the day before.  I had behaved VERY badly...going so far as to even try and hit Daddy.  For this alone, I was going to be punished severely, but Daddy had also found out that I had gone potty 4 times THAT day without asking him.  :(   Needless to say, Daddy was VERY disappointed in me.
     Daddy started out with a short spanking using his hand, followed by a "light" round of paddling.   He said that was just for starters and there would be lots more to come throughout the evening.  I was then made to compose myself and go back downstairs so we could continue our evening and have dinner.  Every time I would get up for any reason, however, he would turn me over his knee and give me a good spanking. This constant "attention" kept my bottom sore and irritated all night.   At one point, I was starting to get just a little fresh, and Daddy immediately brought me upstairs and got out the paddle.  He had me up on the bed, and gave me a set of 20 "light" whacks with the paddle.  Now let me be clear, when I say "light" this refers to Daddy's idea of what a "light" spanking is...NOT MINE!  (It is enough to cause tears but not enough to turn me into a quivering mess.)
     The evening progressed much in the same fashion until about 8:30 p.m. when it was time to tuck in the little one.  I brushed his teeth, we said goodnight to Daddy, and I tucked him in.  I went back to the living room and got on the computer.  I told Daddy that I had to finish the chicken stock before going to bed, but as soon as it was was I.  Daddy asked me if I was sure I WANTED to go to bed, seeing as how that meant that I would receive the last of my punishment.  Now, all of a sudden, I did not feel so tired.
     At 11:00 p.m. the soup was all done and I could not keep my eyes open any longer.  I told Daddy I was ready for bed.  He said okay and we went upstairs.  He told me to pile up 2 pillows on the bed and to lay myself over them...bottom up, which I did grudgingly.  Daddy also proceeded to give me my pacifier and another pillow to bury my head into.  *gulp*  This was going to be a bad one!  He lectured me about not asking him to go potty and told me that the first 4 sets were JUST for that. My bottom twitched and spasmed in anticipation of the paddle.  Daddy kept stroking it on my bottom as he was talking to me...making the waiting SO MUCH worse!
     Finally I felt him draw back and let the paddle fly.  When it finally connected, it made my whole body lurch forward.  Halfway through the first set, I did not know if I could stand it!  I was bouncing and jumping all over the bed just trying to hide my bottom from that DAMNED piece of wood! When he finally finished, after what seemed like an eternity, he put the paddle down, came over to where my head was and lifted my face to his.  He stroked my back and hair and told me that it was okay.  That Daddy was here.  He did this for a couple of minutes, then he asked me if I would like to take a break from the spanking.  I thankfully and tearfully said yes.  He got up and went back behind me.  I could hear him squirting lube on something, and then I could feel it on my bottom.  All of a sudden, without warning, I felt the string of graduated anal beads slipping into me.  As they went deeper and got bigger, I began to resist.  The further in they went, the more it hurt.  I was moving towards the other side of the bed, just struggling to get away from those horrible things.  Daddy warned me that I had better hold still, so I composed myself as best I could and took it.  Daddy inserted the beads all the way and left them there while he gave me yet another lecture about my behavior.  (I was softly whimpering and moaning the whole time.)
     Once Daddy finally took pity on me and removed the beads... I thought my punishment was over for the night.  Boy was I wrong!  Daddy had one more round with the paddle in store for me.  He began wailing on my bottom with LONG, HARD strokes of the paddle which he placed precisely DEAD center.  After each stroke he would ask questions like, "Who is your Daddy?"  and "Who is Daddy's BabyDoll?"  and "Will you EVER raise your hand to Daddy again?"  I am quite sure you know that by now, I was a big, snotty, crying mess.  I could barely answer his questions through the gasping and the tears.  By the time he was finished, I was limp, bawling and pretty pathetic to look at.  Daddy quickly put down the paddle and rushed to gather me up in his arms.  He rubbed my back, wiped my tears and kissed my head.  He rocked me gently while whispering, "Sshh...It's all over now."
     I know that what I did DEFINITELY deserved a punishment of this severity...but that does not mean that I like it, or find it easy to submit to.  It isn't, but such is my level of commitment and submission to Daddy, that I will take whatever punishment he deems necessary.  I am grateful that he thinks I am SO important and worthy of his time and attention.  Thank you Daddy.  I love you!


  1. Who is Baby Doll's Daddy?

    1. YOU are my one and only Daddy forever!!!!!!!!!!!!