Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Love

     Since Daddy and I began our whole journey of Domestic Discipline we have grown increasingly closer.  So close that it often scares me.  The depths to which I feel about him are terrifying.  When we are together it is the greatest joy I have ever known.  When we are apart, I feel a level of loneliness and despair that I never knew existed.  I feel grateful and honored to be able to love like this.  I think that if most people find this sort of love once in a lifetime...they are EXTREMELY lucky!

There is a hole I cannot fill without my Daddy
I am aching and bleeding and I cannot stem the tide
The loneliness that sweeps over me feels like eternal winter
Where are you?
I am as a ship that has lost it's anchor
Adrift, afloat, alone
I cannot find the door in the darkness
Where is the light with which you brighten my world?
I am cold and afraid
Next to you I am invinceable
Without you, I am nothing

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