Monday, January 20, 2014

"Doll" Days...Part 2

     On Sunday morning I was so excited b/c Daddy said he was taking me out for breakfast.  (Something we rarely do b/c money is usually so tight).  He then reminded me that I would still have to wear my diaper.  I felt crestfallen.  All my excitement drained away and was replaced with an overwhelming sense of panic and fear.  Daddy then said that we would also be going to the grocery store and that I wasn't just expected to wear my diaper but that I was expected to use it as well.  I was absolutely terrified and Daddy could see it on my face.   I could tell he was a little worried about me, so he tried to assuage my fears.   He hugged me very close and very tight and whispered, " Don't worry.  Everything will be okay...I won't leave your side."  And somehow, those words made everything magically better.  My apprehension level dropped, and I felt a surge of comfort in my Daddy's words.
     Breakfast was fantastic!  For the first time ever I think I actually finished all the food on my plate.  I was feeling really good, and almost comfortable when we got back in the car to head to the store.  However, as we pulled into the crowded parking lot, my anxiety level began to climb.   I started breathing quicker and I started to feel extrememly hot. 
     As we entered the store Daddy held onto my arm VERY tightly, almost as if to hold me up.  Right when we entered the store I could feel myself starting to urinate and I had to stand still in front of the fresh pasta section.  Daddy waited a minute and then asked me if I was finished.  I nodded shamefully yes, and he told me that I was a very good girl.  We then began to move through to the produce section.  Just then, we ran smack into my son's School Principal and another mother from the school!  I was mortified!  I could not believe I had to stand there and make small talk with the principal of a CATHOLIC school in my wet diaper!  Well, let me tell you, I am naturally olive skinned and do not blush easily, but I could feel my face turning 50 shades of red as I stood there!  We made our excuses rather quickly and moved on to the wine aisle..(I needed SEVERAL drinks at that moment!)  My Daddy started laughing and said he had never seen me turn SO red! 
     The rest of the excursion was spent with me trying to get my Daddy out of the store, and Daddy trying to move as slowly as possible.  When Daddy mentioned that he had wanted to stop at the hardware store as well, I thought I would just die!  However, Daddy took pity on me and drove us home.  I was never so glad to see my house!  After we got home, Daddy had me shower and shave and then he brought me to the bedroom.  First he laid me down on the changing area to take my temperature.  It was even higher than the day before and Daddy was genuinely concerned.  He said if it didn't improve, he would have to think of something else.
     After taking my temperature and swaddling me in a fresh clean diaper, he settled me on the couch with a blanket and some Ibuprofen for the fever.  We talked, laughed, watched T.V. and just enjoyed the next part of the afternoon.  A little later, Daddy said that he needed to change me and take my temperature again.  He also said that I had some spankings coming.  (Mostly from cursing, I tend to curse a lot more when I have been drinking!)  The first thing Daddy did, after we got upstairs, was to bend me over the end of the bed and give me a lecture.  Daddy likes to give me my lectures either in this position or across his knee b/c it removes any ideas I might have that I am a BIG girl and in charge.  I could then tell that he was holding and playing with something in his hand.  I didn't know what it was, but I knew what it was for.  I still didn't know what it was until I heard it come whistling through the air and land on my bottom with a loud SLAP which stung like HELL!  Daddy was using my own slipper to spank me!  Not the nice soft fluffy side but the hard rubber soled side.  This, by the way for anyone who does not know, hurts quite a bit.  I had never before had a spanking that stung like this one did.  By the time it was over, the blanket I was burying my face in was soaked with tears, along with my face.  When it was all over, Daddy stood me up.   He put his finger under my chin and lifted my face to his.  He wiped my face and kissed my tears away and rocked me for a long time.  He knew that I had FELT this punishment. 
     When I had finally calmed down and stopped crying, my Daddy led me to the changing area to take my temperature and diaper me.  This time when he took my temperature, it was over 100 degrees.  Daddy said I needed to be cleansed and went he downstairs to the bathroom.  When he returned, he was carrying the enema bag (YUCK!).  He lubed up the nozzle and inserted it into my rectum.  The water felt like it was rushing in at the rate of the Colorado River and I begged Daddy to make it slower.  He did, while allowing me to change positions so that I could try to become more comfortable and accept all of the water.  He even stopped several times to give me a minute to rest and accept it.
     Once I couldn't take any more, Daddy removed the enema nozzle and then inserted the anal plug to make me hold the water in as long as possible.  This felt like complete agony!  Daddy made me stay that way as long as I could.  He then removed the plug and I BARELY made it to the bathroom in time!  After this, he allowed me to stay undiapered for a while (seeing as how I was running to the toilet every 10 minutes!)  Once I had finally gotten rid of all the water, he diapered me, held me and told me how very proud he was of me.  He was proud of how I listened to him, proud of how I handled myself out in public and proud of the fact that I am HIS wife.   
     The rest of our weekend was spent with Daddy cuddling me, changing me and loving on me!  I am the luckiest woman in the world to have a Daddy who cares so much and who is SO loving and attentive!  I love this man more than the air that I breathe!  Thank You Daddy!

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