Friday, January 10, 2014

My Rules

     So I have rules that I am to follow...and I am asked to repeat them to my Daddy whenever he asks...(often during a spanking, so as to drive them home).  There are Four Rules so far in Daddy's repertoire but the list grows weekly.  I just hope it doesn't grow too long for me to remember...ouch!:(
     1.  Always respect Daddy
     2.  Always ask Daddy to go potty (it is a small way in which Daddy enforces his authority
           and reminds me all day every day who my Daddy is)
     3.  Always stay shaved for Daddy (this means ALL hair that is not on my head!)
     4.  NEVER say NO to Daddy (I may always disagree with Daddy but I must always do it
           in a respectful manner)
     So there are my rules.  I do my best to obey them...but at times I slip!  My most usual infraction is mouthing off to Daddy and being disrespectful.  I am really in for it if I curse at Daddy.  If the children are not home I can often count on being bent over and spanked really hard 8 to 10 times wherever I am for being super mouthy.  As Daddy is fond of saying, " Your mouth is writing checks your butt can't cash."  Why do I say these things?

P.S.  Did I mention that I have a REALLY hard time with the potty thing as well?  Not quite sure what that's about!  ;)

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