Friday, February 28, 2014

Spanking in Tandem...

     The night before last, I was punished very harshly.  I had been very well behaved for the whole day!  Except for two teeny-tiny infractions...I made the mistake of saying NO twice to Daddy.  Daddy was not explosively angry or anything, he just told me that I would be learning my lesson about the word NO later that night.  All day long, I was dreading the thought of what he would do to me.  
     Daddy told me that I would be getting my punishment at 8 o'clock that evening.  When I questioned why, he told me it was because he had a "group" spanking planned.  We have another DD/bg couple we are friends with.  It turns out, the two "Daddies" came up with an idea.  A joint spanking via telephone at 8 p.m.  *yikes!*  I was NOT happy about that, to say the least.  
     When 8 o'clock came, the phone rang.  I immediately tensed up.  Daddy made some small talk and then he motioned me to come over to the couch.  He pulled up my nightgown and took off my diaper.  He then laid me across his lap while he talked.  I laid there while he tickled my bottom with the flat side of a wooden spatula.  Then, after what seemed like an eternity, he asked if I was ready; he asked his friend if they were ready.  They both put their phones on speaker and I awaited the first smack.  When Daddy finally connected the spatula to my bottom, it stung, but I thought well, at least it's not the BIG paddle.  Boy, I should have reserved judgement on that one!  
     That stupid little spatula put me in a world of hurt!  The more times Daddy struck me, the worse and worse the stinging got.  I reached the point where I was pleading with Daddy to please stop.  He would only stop to lecture me, and then begin again.  The whole time, I could hear my girlfriend getting hers, on the other end.  They were spanking in tandem and taking turns.  First I would get smacked and scream...and then I could hear her getting smacked and screaming.  I'm sure this would make for a very interesting social experiment!  It was terribly effective.  Not only did it hurt like he__, but it was embarrassing as well; to have our friends hearing me get spanked and crying. 
     By the time Daddy was finished, I was bawling into the couch pillow, and I could have sworn my bum was bleeding!  It wasn't...but I did have a few welts coming up; which are still there, by the way.
I promised myself over and over again, that I would behave better the next day...if only to save my a__!
     So on to yesterday...and the feat I was trying to accomplish.  Go ONE whole day without getting a sore bottom.  I was still having trouble sitting, and the welts had not gone down yet.  I was determined to be a good girl; and I was.  I didn't say NO, I didn't tell Daddy what to do and I didn't argue.  That is, until last evening.  :(
     Daddy and I have a business together, and we needed to make some big decisions.  We were discussing purchasing and ordering and things began to get a little heated.  Discussing money, and the lack of it, can send ANY couple into a tizzy.  I was trying to keep my composure, but I felt like Daddy was not listening to what I had to say.  He was not understanding the concept I was trying to explain, and I became extremely frustrated.  When I get upset, I tend to raise my do most people, I believe.  
     However, in OUR relationship I have given up the right to speak in raised tones and Daddy was having none of it.  He hauled me up off the couch and put me into the corner.  I was MAD!  I stood there huffing and puffing with my arms crossed.  I even went so far as to mouth off to Daddy while I was IN the corner.  *gulp*  He told me that if I uttered one more word, he would wash my mouth out with soap.  :(  I shut up.  You might think that this would be the end of my smart-mouthed behavior.  YOU WOULD BE WRONG!   
     I kept feeling like I wasn't being heard, and I was insistent upon Daddy listening to me.   I think I was only out of the corner 10 minutes when he told me to "get my butt upstairs...NOW!"  I did as I was told, but I was scared to death.  I knew my bottom couldn't take another paddling session right then.  But Daddy was kinder than perhaps he ought to have been.  He bent me over the bed, pulled down my pants and shoved a Bengay coated finger way up inside my rectum.  I immediately started crying.  I sobbed long heavy sobs; but in all honesty, part of it was because I was so relieved he didn't paddle me right then.  As much as the Bengay hurt, it wasn't a traditional spanking.  Daddy knew that I would have been unable to cope with that, so he went a different route.  And for that, I am actually VERY grateful.  
     Even when my Daddy is tough on me, he is always compassionate.  He will never take me to a place that I CANNOT go.  He will always read my reactions and emotions, and do what he thinks I need, and what is best for me.  I could not ask for anything more.  My love for Daddy grows deeper by the second...and I trust him with my life.  Happy Anniversary Daddy!   I love you!


  1. Happy Anniversary ... My business partner, my best friend, my wife, my love, and my Baby Doll.

    I never could have imagined love could be this AWSOME!!!

    1. I never knew what TRUE commitment was until recently...I am SO glad we are finding out together! I belong to you...I am yours...mind,body and soul!

  2. Knish112:59 PM

    Thank you for sharing these moments. While I understand why the punishment was inflicted, I have to admit that it is very hot.

    1. You are SO welcome! I am heartened to know that you (and others) are enjoying my posts! Keep reading! :)