Saturday, January 18, 2014

Nervous Anticipation

     Well, my Daddy and I are going to have some alone time!  The kids are going to Grandma's for the weekend and I know that Daddy has some BIG plans for me!  (BTW for those of you concerned, our children are NEVER present while my husband is disciplining me and we do not use corporal punishment EVER on them!  However, Daddy will scold me in front of the kids.)
     I don't know if what he has planned for the weekend will be "Learning Days" or not.  He has told me that I am in for one hell of a spanking when he gets home due to my potty infractions, disrespect and general "mouthiness" as of late.  I am more than a little nervous about his return this afternoon.  I do not know what to expect but my stomach is fluttering in anticipation of it.
     Doubtless, I shall have much to tell you all by Monday morning!  That is, if my bottom can withstand what Daddy has planned for it!

                                         Love to EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Better sweeten up Baby Doll!!! .... or it could be a very long weekend!!!

    BeLove You!

  2. Hi Sugar,

    Welcome to blogging. I hope you have a productive weekend.


    1. Thanks! I can use all the support I can get! :)