Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Corner Time"

     I just thought I would expound a little on my thoughts about corner time as a punishment.  Let me be clear when I tell you that I HATE IT when Daddy puts me in the corner.  He only does it when I have truly disappointed him.  It is humiliating.  Daddy will tell me that if I act like a baby I will be treated like one.  He then proceeds to shove the pacifier into my mouth. exposes my bottom and puts me in the corner.
     It is hard NOT to feel humiliated by this.  I usually find myself hanging my head and sucking on my pacifier while crying softly.  My mind reels with all the thoughts of why I am there, what I did wrong and why Daddy is so upset with me.  By the time my "corner time" is over, I am usually well humbled and very remorseful.  As much as I despise it, I have to admit that it has quite an effect on my attitude and behavior.  It brings me back to the place where I am supposed to be, mentally.  I am Daddy's BabyDoll and I need to behave as such.  That means being a good girl and not disobedient.


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