Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Lesson Learned

     Daddy is right.  We were not having a good night last night.  I was tired and grumpy and just having a very bad day.  Stress over my Daddy's job, mounting bills, children's problems (i.e. shuffling them around after school, getting homework done, baths etc.) and finding something to make for dinner when payday isn't until tomorrow and the cupboard is "bare" so to speak.
     Daddy came home, and though I was VERY happy to see him, my general unhappiness about the  day just overpowered even my joy in seeing him. I was in no mood for small talk or pleasant conversation.  I  was short tempered and snappy.   By the time Daddy had had enough, I was already OVERDUE for a spanking for the way I had been conducting myself.  So Daddy turned me over the end of the couch and spanked me 10 times...HARD.
     It hurt a lot and it made me cry, but Daddy took me in his arms and said "Now that's enough of this."  Then he held me until I calmed down.  After my spanking, I just felt tired and embarrassed and just wanted to go to bed.  So I kissed Daddy goodnight and went upstairs.  I was upset and exhausted and fell asleep rather quickly, for me, and didn't wake up until Daddy came upstairs to tuck me in.  He made sure I was nice and cozy and gave me my pacifier.  :)
     A little while later, Daddy came to bed.  He climbed in next to me and held me for a while.  He than, rather bluntly said, "Are you ready for your spankings?"  What?!  Daddy told me that I was still owed spankings for cursing (I am not allowed to curse, Daddy says it is unbecoming of a lady and he is right) talking back to him and disrespecting him.  Now I was mostly asleep and in no mood for this...but I reluctantly got on Daddy's lap for my punishment.
     Now I don't know if it was b/c I was asleep, or Daddy was extra hard, but those spankings HURT!  So much so, that after the first few I wiggled out of Daddy's lap.  THAT was a mistake.  The rest of the spanking did not go as easily!  I was bawling into the pillow by the time he was done.  Then he took me in his arms, caressed me, told me how much he cherished and loved me and why he had to punish me.
      I love him and I always understand.  This is what I have agreed to.  I want him to correct me and make me be a better person.  I want to be the best person I can possibly be for my Daddy and if that includes hard spankings and other disciplinary actions when I deserve them, than so be it.  I will always obey and love my Daddy!

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  1. That is a good girl .... I was actually not spanking you all that hard (taking it easy on you because of your day) until you moved off my lap,and told me "... no more no more spanking." Well, well, that is when the spankings became a lot firmer.

    Glad you learned your lesson!!!

    LOVE YOU!!!