Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Last Night

     Well, Daddy says I must talk about what happened last night so here goes.  When Daddy came home, I guess he wasn't in a great mood, his day had been less than stellar.  But I must put forth that    I was not having the best day either.  After he arrived home with the kids, I busied myself in the kitchen finishing preparing dinner...roast chicken and Caesar salad...Yummy! 
     Things went okay until after dinner and homework time.  Then Daddy and I started to bump heads over various little issues.  Just one small quarrel after the other, and several threatening looks from Daddy.  I then made the mistake of asking for Daddy's help to fix some glitch with my computer.  My bad!
     He spent an hour on the phone with Amazon trying to resolve the issue.  Needless to say, the issue never did get resolved and after all that, Daddy was more grumpy and irritable than ever.  As was I, b/c the grumpier HE got, the more upset I got!  It was like a self-perpetuating vicious cycle!  By the end of it, I had received 2 lectures about my behavior and a promise of punishment yet to come.  I stormed off upstairs with Daddy's voice promising a punishment when he got up there, trailing behind me. 
     I had already fallen asleep by the time Daddy came upstairs and crawled into bed.  He wrapped me in his arms and brought me to him.  He kissed my forehead, told me he loved me and held me for a minute.  He then sat straight up like a shot and pulled me over his knee.  He then proceeded to give me another lecture about why he was upset with me and why he was going to punish me.  Then he grabbed my bottom, pulled my cheeks apart and inserted a small amount of Bengay into my rectum.  Oowwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     After about 2 seconds, the heat started to build.  After about 30 seconds, I was bouncing my bottom up and down on the bed and whimpering.  Daddy laid down and pulled me close into him so that I could not get away.  I wriggled frantically in his arms while he held me very calmly and tightly. All the while he was whispering in my ear why he was mad, how I should try to be more understanding when he needs affection and how to be a good girl.  I was whining and writhing in his arms and he just kept kissing my head, stroking my hair and holding me tighter while telling me that I was a good girl for accepting my punishment. 
     After 30 minutes or so, the heat dissipates and you are left with a cool, and tingling bottom.  He rolled me onto my back so he could play with "HIS" pussy while he told me what a good girl I was for being so brave in accepting my punishment.  He then made love to me, which by the way brought on a second round of heat from the Bengay...don't know why.  After which, he held me in his arms until I fell asleep. 
     When I awoke this morning (bottom all better from the night before  :) I had the most overwhelming desire to please him.  I felt so ashamed and embarrassed about the night before that I just wanted his forgiveness and his love.  (Which I KNOW I always have unconditionally.)  I hugged his chest and told him how sorry I was and that I would be a better girl today.  He said, "I know you will."  and he just smiled at me.   I LOVE MY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Good Girl, Baby Doll!!!

    I want you to explain what you said to Daddy ... Specifically.

    I was grummpy and sincerely aplogized for my grumpiness. As for the tech call, I wanted to get your movies working, really, but was tired and needed love from you, not I'm sorrys from you, as the broken computer was not your fault.

    Also explain that some of the punishment was for breaking rule #1, and the work we have gone though working on this rule.

    I love you beyond words. I appreciate everything you do for Daddy and our family. You are a rock star to the rock stars. You ARE my Baby Doll!!!