Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Naughty Little Girl

     So, yesterday was one of those days that starts out fairly well, but does not end as such.  It was a pretty benign start to the day.  We had an appointment first thing in the morning which we all (my husband, youngest son and I) went to together.  After that, we had a few small errands to run.  Then we met up with my mother to drop off our little one.  He was going to have a sleep-over at Grandma's house!  Daddy, and I, were VERY happy at the prospect of some truly "alone" time.  I guess I really should have been leery.  I was reminded rather quickly, that we were still in "Learning Day" mode.
     Daddy had let me wear my pull-ups, instead of the big plastic diaper, when we went out that morning; but after a four hours of meetings and errands, my pull-up was quite at it's capacity....and starting to leak.  *yikes!*  I couldn't wait to get home for Daddy to change me.  I should not have been in such a hurry.  When Daddy brought me upstairs to change me, the first thing he did was to put me into my "BabyDoll" dress and socks and hair ribbons.  Daddy then took off the wet pull-up and cleaned me thoroughly.  He then stood me up without putting a diaper on.  I knew what that meant.  :(   He took me over to the other side of the bed and bent me over.  He started to lecture me about how this was still "Learning Day" and that I would be paddled every time he changed my diaper, to ensure that I would not forget the purpose of this day.  I am NEVER to say "No" to Daddy, and I am NEVER to tell Daddy what to do.
     I am not sure what the exact reason was, but the paddling seemed much harsher to me today than before.  I asked Daddy if he was swinging harder, he said no, but he had read up on a few pointers of how to spank the most effective way...it was effective!  That first paddling was hard, but I got through it.  After which, Daddy put me in a fresh diaper and hugged me.  For the moment, I was very content.
     Daddy and I had a nice afternoon.  We made some appetizers, poured some drinks (mine, in a sippy cup of course!  Little girls don't get big girl glasses) and we watched movies.  It was quite cozy...Daddy made a fire, and we enjoyed each other's company.  The whole time, Daddy is feeding me drinks and I cannot possibly keep my diaper dry.  But I was DREADING the next changing time. Every time Daddy asked me if I wanted to be changed I said "No."  But eventually, I had to give in.  First Daddy set up a changing area in front of the fireplace.  Then he cleaned me, bent me over the end of the couch, and paddled my bottom, but good!  This one brought tears to my eyes.  What the fu__ is he reading?!  After that paddling, I figured I could hold my pee a long time!  But Daddy had ways around that too!
     At about 7 p.m. Daddy said it was bath time.  Yay!  I love it when Daddy gives me a bath.  He is so tender and loving.  He pours warm water over my back and washes me with a soft cloth.  I just let myself relax and enjoy the wonderful feeling of my Daddy taking care of me.  When it was time to get out, Daddy helped me up and out of the tub.  But instead of wrapping the towel around me, he immediately bent me over and put my hands on the toilet lid.  He had the paddle!  I cried, "Please don't Daddy!"  He did not hear me, or care.  Let me tell you...if you think the paddle on a bare bottom stings, try it when your skin is still wet!  :(   I was screaming quite loudly.  Daddy again repeated his lecture on why I was being punished and what I was to learn.  After this quick little paddle session, I tried to be very well behaved.  However, fate was NOT on my side last night.
     After a few drinks, I sometimes forget myself.  It was in one of these forgetful moments that I said, "No Daddy."  BIG mistake!  Daddy was on the phone at the moment with a friend of his who also practices Domestic Discipline with his wife.  The friend actually heard me say no, and Daddy was forced to react, which he did.  He hauled me off the couch as I tried to pull out of his grip.  I was trying to wriggle away from him, but he is stronger than me.  He pushed me over the end of the couch, pulled my diaper down and began spanking me with ferocity.  I had challenged his authority in front of another dominant male.  He had to prove his prowess and dominance.  If he had not taken me to task so severely, it would have shown him to be an ineffective HOH and Daddy.  He spanked me so hard I was kicking and flailing over the end of the couch.  Try as hard as I might to get free, his powerful arms kept me pinned down over the couch.  When he finally let me up I was so mad, I threw a tantrum.  I was stomping my feet and kicking things.  Daddy had finally had enough.  He grabbed me, shoved me in the corner and ripped my diaper off to expose my bottom.  He began taking my dress off too.  He said that bad little girls did not get nice, pretty dresses to wear.  I stood there...naked, shivering and sobbing in the corner.  Daddy said that when I was ready to be a good girl, and accept my punishments, I would be allowed out of the corner.  I stood there a long time, feeling hurt, dejected and even angry.  I wasn't sure if I would ever feel ready to come out of the corner...

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