Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Storm Has Come...

     I should have known that last post would come to no good.  As soon as Daddy woke up and read it, he wrote that last comment.  And so my respite is over and my punishment begins.  Daddy had me go upstairs to meet him in the bedroom.  He proceeded to tell me that I was right about him not being focused on me, and how that was all going to change for the next 40 hours or so.  (Daddy has taken Monday off)   He gave me a lecture about how I have been mouthy and telling him what to do lately. He told me that HE is the decision maker, and that I should NEVER, EVER presume to tell him what he, or we, should do.  I may make suggestions, but I am NOT in charge.
     The next thing he did was he had me kneel on the bed so he could administer a "silent spanking".  He pulled down my pajama flap, pulled my cheeks apart and put just a small amount of Bengay inside my bottom.  As soon as it began to burn he decided to test out his new paddle.  And Daddy gave me a real spanking while the Bengay did it's thing!  To be fair, Daddy was "gentle" (relatively speaking!) with the paddle because it was my first time.  But I was crying by the end and I believe Daddy was happy with the results.
      He had to go out for the afternoon and he has left me a punishment assignment.  The first thing was to write about what JUST happened to me and why.   (Which I am doing right now!)  The next is that I have to KEEP writing about what is, has, and will happen to me over the next 40 hours.  And the last part of my punishment will be my next post.  Stay tuned!    :(


  1. :-( aww *hugs*

    Remember your daddy loves you. I miss my daddy loving me. Its so hard not seeing my daddy. Your so luck to have a loving daddy in your everyday life.

    My thoughts will be with you in the next 40hours.

  2. Thanks love! I am going to need all the support I can get! (And a new set of fingers! OUCH!)

  3. You have all my support girl! :-)

    Lots of *hugs* and ¤ some nice warm compress so your fingers will not hurt so much ¤

  4. Awww! Thanks girlfriend...they are feeling a little stiff! :(

  5. I will bet :-(

    Double * hugs*