Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Feeling Better...

     I must be feeling better, because my mouth is back at 100%!  Daddy says that what I wrote in my last post was SO TRUE...when I am sick, my attitude turns off.  But I am feeling much  better now!  :)   Daddy is not feeling too well though.  I had to take care of him yesterday after he came home.
     With Daddy being ill, I was being "Head of Household" and I began to get a little "big for my britches"  so to speak.  I think I was also pushing his boundaries a little bit because I KNEW he was sick and there was no way he was going to feel up to punishing me.  ( Yes, I was taking advantage of that! ) Don't misunderstand...I wasn't being mean to Daddy, I was taking good care of him.  However, just perhaps, I was being a little bit bossy, and I may have told Daddy what to do once or twice... and I believe the word "No" crept into my vocabulary for the evening.  It was like having a little vacation for my mouth!  I knew that somewhere down the line, there would be a severe punishment coming for this behavior, but right in that moment, I didn't care.
     When we went to bed last night, I actually wore my pajamas with pants!  I am NEVER allowed to wear pants to bed.  This flies in the face of Daddy's strict policy for me about what I am, and am not to wear.  I must be dressed in a nightgown for bed.  Daddy says he must have access to his pussy at all times.  I am pretty sure the pants were what pushed Daddy over the edge.  He got up out of bed and grabbed the Bengay.  I just moaned.  He said, "Did you think I was going to let you get away with that?"  (Meaning, wearing my pants to bed)  He said. "What are you supposed to wear to bed?"  As he was asking me these questions, he ripped the pants, and underwear (which made him madder), off of me.  I guess he had a little strength after all!  Not enough for a "traditional" spanking, but quite enough for a "silent" one.
     He pulled me across his lap and spread my bottom open.  I could feel his finger going up inside me with the Bengay on it.  Let me tell you, that after all my "stomach" trouble the two days before, this was NOT a nice feeling.  The burn of the cream was much hotter and more intense than usual.  I instantly began whimpering and squirming around on the bed.  Daddy laid down next to me and held me, so that I could not move.  He held me very close and very tight while he quietly scolded and chastised me for my behavior that evening.  He kissed my forehead and told me he would NEVER let me get away with "that behavior" no matter HOW sick he was.  I suppose I should have known better, and I should have acted better.  He told me that this was just a small preview of what WOULD happen to me when he is feeling better...*sigh*    Can't wait!     ;)

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