Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Revisitation... Final Day!

     So Monday was the third and final "Learning Day".  Thank goodness!  (I don't know how much more "constant" attention my bottom could handle!)  Daddy and I had a bunch of stuff to do in the morning.  Our first appointment was at the accountants office.  We had to file out taxes, so we all got ready to leave the house together that morning and drop the kids off at school.  Right before we left, Daddy sent the kids to the car and I knew I was going to be punished.  Daddy turned me over his knee.  He reminded me that this was still a "Learning Day" and even though we would be out in public, I was still going to be punished.  He pulled down the pull-up he allowed me to wear and put a bunch of Bengay in my bottom.  He said, "That will remind you what day it is...at least for a little while."  It was not easy sitting still and not whimpering in the car...but I managed to...at least until the kids were dropped off!
     Once we got to the accountants things went pretty well.  I had been behaving myself very well, so far and Daddy was fairly pleased.  At one point, when our accountant left the room, he asked me if I had "used" my diaper yet.  I said no.  He asked why not?  I just shrugged my shoulders.  He told me that when she came back into the room, I was to "go" on command, or I would be spanked outside in the parking lot!  I did NOT want that!  (It's a VERY small parking lot and he has a VERY small car! People would have seen for sure!
     When she came back into the room, carrying the papers she had left to retrieve, Daddy looked at me and I did as I was told.  I relieved myself in my diaper, and I felt a burning hot flush come over my face (as well as my bottom!).  I was ABSOLUTELY sure she could tell what I had just done.  But much to my astonishment she just kept prattling on about a state property tax credit.  Whew!  Once our business was concluded, we left and got back into the car.  Daddy told me that I was very lucky.   He told me that by doing what he asked in the meeting, I had just saved myself that spanking in the parking lot!  Yet another bullet dodged!
     After a few more errands we decided to stop for lunch.  By the time we were seated and waiting for out food, my bottom was soaked.  I REALLY wanted to go and change my pull-up in the bathroom.  (Daddy was threatening to change me outside in the car!  EVERYBODY would see!)  I begged him to let me go to the bathroom to change MYSELF.  He looked at me and smiled.  He told me that because I had been such a good girl today, that "Yes", he would allow me to change myself.  I got up and practically ran to the ladies room.
     I don't think I have ever worked so fast!  I had to untie my boots, take off my pants, take off the old pull-up,  put on the new pull-up and put my pants and boots back on all before anyone else came into the one stall bathroom.  Let me tell you...the best Nascar pit crew had nothing on me at that moment!  I never even knew I could move that fast!  I guess I REALLY did not want to be seen changing myself in the women''s room of a Denny's!
     Anyway, the rest of the day proceeded fairly uneventfully.  We made two more stops, picked up the kids, got home, made dinner and managed to get some work done.  And then... Daddy and I began to butt heads.  I started getting mouthy and Daddy started getting pissy!  He said it was such a shame because I had been such a good girl all day.  But Daddy was having NONE of it.  He brought me upstairs and paddled my bottom 100 times!  He said, after all, it was a "Learning Day."  Even after my bottom got the message, my mouth did not.  I kept talking back to Daddy.   I ended up in the corner after that, and Daddy left me in there until I was thoroughly ashamed and sobbing quite pitifully.  Then he told me to come over to where he was sitting.  He allowed me to curl up in his lap and he calmed and comforted me.
     He gently lectured and scolded me...and reassured me that everything was okay and Daddy would take care of and protect me.  Those words felt like a warm blanket being draped all around me.  I felt like nothing could ever harm me; that Daddy wouldn't let it.  He was sweet and gentle for the rest of the night.  Daddy knew that this was the point (after the last 3 days) when I needed to be nurtured and loved.  There was a lot of holding, hugging and kissing.  He repeatedly stroked my hair and told me what a good girl I was.  He told me he would always love, cherish and protect me.  I am SO LUCKY!

P.S.  Daddy wanted me to talk about the new dress that came for me.  It is a cute little "BabyDoll" dress.  It is blue gingham and has lots of lace!  It has short little puffy sleeves and comes to just below the waist, and is sure NOT to cover my bum!  Daddy likes it so much, he has ordered me lace ankle socks to go with it.  It is very pretty...I love my new dress!  Thank you Daddy.

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