Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Revisitation

     Today is Sunday and I am 1 day in to a 3 day "Learning" session.  I guess I should give you the background, as to why this has happened.  Daddy is home for a long weekend.  He took an extra day off from work on Monday and we thought last night would be a good night for poker.  (On poker night we have several friends over and one or two often stay over so they don't have to drive home)  So, on Friday night we had some company over.  I WAS trying to be on my best behavior, however, the "best laid plans of mice and men..." and all...ya' know?
    I guess I let fly with a lot of cursing, and some snide remarks...but was poker night!  If you wanna' hang with the big boys, you've got to act like a big girl right?  Wrong!  (According to Daddy.)  At one point, after I had TOLD Daddy that I was going to the bathroom instead of ASKING him if I could, he just lost it.  He pulled me aside and whispered very hotly in my ear,"You are being a VERY bad little girl!  Did you learn NOTHING from our last learning day?  Tomorrow, when we get home, a new "Learning Session" will  begin.  I am home for 3 days.  You will be punished and diapered until I go back to work on Tuesday morning.  You will learn once and for all that you do not tell Daddy what to do.  DADDY is the decision maker!  Do you understand me?!"  I looked at the floor and nodded shamefully.  Well, I was already in for it, so I just enjoyed the rest of my evening.  I knew that after our obligatory greasy diner breakfast with the guys on Saturday morning, my a--  was going to get it.
     As soon as we got home yesterday morning, Daddy had me take a shower to make sure that I was clean and shaven as I am supposed to be.  I thought Daddy was going to bring my clothes into the bathroom as he often does.  Instead, when I got out, there were no clothes.  I dried off and walked through the house naked to find Daddy.  He was sitting in the living room in front of the fireplace.  I stood as close as I could get to the fire because I was shivering from still being slightly wet.  Daddy got up and came over to me.  He kissed and touched my moist body all over.  He repeatedly whispered the reasons why he was going to punish me for 3 days, and why I deserved it.  He asked me if I understood and if I was ready.  I quietly whispered, "Yes Daddy.'  He led me up the stairs to the bedroom.
    The first thing Daddy did was to put on my onesie and nightgown...making sure to leave my bottom bare.  When I was half-dressed, he bent me over the bed and told me that he was going to give me an "easy" spanking to start with just to get me "warmed up."  He gave me 20 spanks with his hand and 20 whacks with the paddle.  It hurt, but not so bad that I cried.  I was still feeling a little defiant and wasn't going to let him see me cry over such an "easy" punishment.  Daddy then laid me down on my back and lifted my legs in the air.  He then proceeded to put a dose of Bengay inside my bottom before putting a diaper on me.  He taped up the diaper while I was moaning because of the cream.  He told me that I was NOT a big girl.  That I am his BABYDOLL.  I do not need to be grown up because I have my Daddy to make all my decisions for me.  The diaper was to remind me that I need to CONSTANTLY remember my place in our Daddy's baby.  He also told me that EVERY time I needed to be changed, I would be punished as well.  He did not EVER want to have to revisit the lesson of this "Learning Session".  This was already session number 2 for telling Daddy what to do.  There would be NO third session for this reason!
     Every time Daddy changed me, he spanked me, paddled me and put MORE Bengay inside!  I was REALLY beginning to get the message from this experience!
     We are right in the middle of my punishment time, so I have to go now.  Daddy told me that I had to write about yesterday this morning, but after I am finished I have to get off the computer.  :(    He says that I will also have to tell you about the rest of my weekend on Tuesday, when it is all over.  I don't know what ELSE he has in store...but I will be sure to take mental notes for my next installment.
                   Sending out Love and Good Vibes to Everyone!

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