Monday, February 3, 2014

One If By Hand...If Two Then By Paddle!

     So, I guess my attitude had not changed significantly enough for Daddy by this morning because I earned myself two ROUGH spankings before noon!  The first one was just because it was a "Learning Day" and Daddy said that I needed to understand and be aware of that.  Daddy sat on the bed and pulled me over his knee.  He pinned my legs down so I could not struggle too much.  Daddy spanked me very hard with his bare hand.  I was in tears by the second set.  After my spanking Daddy stroked my back until I had calmed down some.  He kissed me and wiped my tears and we decided to go down to the living room and watch some T.V.
    I don't think we were down there for even 10 minutes before Daddy was hauling my a-- upstairs again for another round.  He said that I had a bad attitude and it needed adjusting.  He had me kneel on the bed again, face down and bottom up.  He decided to give me another 20 whacks with the paddle.  That thing REALLY hurts.  Each stroke sent shock waves through my body.  At first, my body fought against the spanking.  I was bucking and kicking just trying to get away from that awful paddle.  Eventually, I lost the will to fight and my body went limp.  I just buried my face in the pillow and bawled.  When Daddy was finished, he knew that I had hit my threshold.  He gathered me up in his arms and rocked me gently, back and forth for a long time.  When I finally managed to compose myself, he lifted my face to his and kissed me very gently.  He told me how much he loved me and why he had to punish me yet again.  I said that I understood and I nuzzled in closer to him.
     If you can believe it, I actually got 6 swats in the kitchen not an hour after my paddling for telling Daddy what to do!  (It was a fairly minor incident and since Daddy had JUST paddled my bottom, he just bent me over the kitchen counter and swatted my behind.  Believe me, I FELT it after the paddling I just had!  Daddy says that I NEED to learn who is in charge and that he will MAKE SURE that I do!
     I don't know about you...but I for one believe him!

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