Saturday, February 22, 2014

Again? What Did I Do?

     So...Daddy has decided to make this weekend another "Learning Day"...hey, it's not just one day, this started last night!  I was ready for my Daddy when he came home.  I was showered, shaved and dressed in my nightgown and pull-up; just as Daddy had wanted.   After we fed the boys...Daddy took me upstairs to change me.  He laid me down on the bed and took off my wet pull-up.  He spread my legs and cleaned every fold of "his" pussy very slowly and methodically.  Then Daddy decided to take my temperature.  Yuck!  I don't like Daddy's rectal thermometer.  While Daddy was waiting for the thermometer to register, he went down on me.  His lips were so warm and soft.  He gently licked and sucked at my "lips" for a minute or two, before removing the thermometer from my bottom.  I was running a small fever.  I know what that means...MORE temperature checks!   :(   After that, Daddy put me in my regular, plastic diaper (they are more absorbent and bulkier than the pull-ups) and we went downstairs.  (Did I mention that you can HEAR when I am wearing my "big" diapers?  The plastic crinkles when I's humiliating!)
     We watched some T.V. and hung out for a while.  I guess, I had really been holding it in (bladder-wise) and I soaked my first diaper pretty quickly.  I needed to be changed right away, and Daddy used the opportunity to instill some discipline.  When he brought me back upstairs...he laid me down and cleaned me as usual, but then he told me to turn over onto my tummy.  I did as I was told. Daddy began to spank me, quite forcefully, one cheek at a time and then both in unison.  He kept asking me, "WHO is your Daddy?" Every time,  I answered, "YOU are my Daddy!"  It wasn't a terrible spanking, but it did cause me to start whimpering.  When he thought I'd had enough, Daddy turned me back over onto my back and swaddled my stinging bottom in a fresh diaper.  (After a spanking, a clean, soft diaper can be quite soothing!)
     I was very sure to be good until bedtime.  And when we went to bed, I was doubly sure to give Daddy one heck of a BJ!  This pleased him very much...which was good, because I was trying to ingratiate myself with Daddy before he began the rest of this "Learning Day/Weekend."   I don't know what Daddy has in store for the next couple of days...but I will be sure to tell YOU first!  :)
     Right now, I am just sitting around, in my wet diaper, hoping Daddy will wake up soon to change me!  I dare not wake him up though...NEVER wake the sleeping giant!  I could incur his wrath!  ;)   Wish me luck this weekend...but, with my attitude, we ALL know I am never too far from a punishment!
                             Wishing everyone happiness and joy!


  1. Keep up those BJ's and there might not be any need for spankings .... but you are still in my chair .... maybe spankings ... but you did wake me up with some awsome sex ... so who knows.

    Love the post ... I am too looking forward to this learning day ... no matter how long it turns out to be. Might have to send you to the store to buy more diapers ... in a diaper!!

    Love you my Baby Doll!!!