Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"I Don't Feel Well..."

     Sorry for being absent from posting!  I have been wicked sick the last few days...and now Daddy has caught whatever it was that I had!  It started on Sunday...Daddy was actually giving me a spanking.  Not a terribly hard one, just a soft hand spanking as a small reminder that I need to be respectful to him. (I tend to get a little lax on this issue from time to time.)   While he was spanking me though, I just started bawling!  This is NOT a normal reaction for such a "light" punishment.  Normally, a reaction like this could only be achieved by a  severe paddling, or the like.  Daddy was concerned.  He knew something must be wrong, so he stopped immediately.
     He asked me what was wrong and I told him how I was feeling.  My head was throbbing, my muscles ached and my stomach was a mess...on both ends.  Daddy jumped into caretaker mode.  He took my temperature and brought me medicine.  He brought me cold water to drink and cool washcloths for my head.  He adjusted my pillows and held me close.  He sat up with me all that night, making sure that I was alright.
    The next day went much the same way.  Daddy gave me warm baths, fed me ginger ale and crackers and gave me as much love and tenderness as I could wish for.  When Daddy takes care of me, there is no better feeling in the world.  Unfortunately, now he has come down with the same thing.  He still went to work, of course, but only for a couple of hours.  Soon he will be home, and I can take care of him.
     So...by reason of sheer incapacity...I have been a VERY good girl the last two days!  :)   Isn't it amazing how vomiting can get rid of the smart-a__ in anyone?!   ;)
     Daddy has warned me that as soon as he (and I) are feeling better, we will be addressing some serious behavioral issues.  (Mainly focusing on how I behave in public...i.e. my obedience level)  He told me that the kids will be going away for the weekend and I will get ALL his attention for two days.  I am both looking forward to...and dreading this.  I know that Daddy has some new "toys" he wants to try out.  *Yikes*   I think I may need to do some serious drinking for that!  ;)

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