Thursday, February 13, 2014

To Agree or Not To Agree...

     What happens when I disagree with Daddy's reasons for punishing me?  Well, I think this will generally be a case by case sort of thing, but I can tell you what happened THIS morning.
     Well, to be totally honest I had a small punishment carry over from last night.  In the midst of a heated discussion I called Daddy a curse word.  *yikes!*   And to be sure, when we went to bed last night, he DID discipline me.  He turned me over his knee, lifted my nightgown and gave me a good hand spanking (to start with...he said).  But in the middle of that, he was interrupted by our oldest, so I was reprieved from further "traditional" spanking methods for the evening.  Not silent ones though!  He made sure to put a LOT of Bengay in my bottom and rub it all around.  This was EXTREMELY unpleasant!  I was crying it burned so badly.  He told me that I was lucky because I had been spared the paddle just then.  But rest assured, he said, that I would be getting the paddle tomorrow.  Gee...I DO feel lucky!  (NOT!)
     The next morning was a busy one.  We all had to be dressed and ready to leave by 7:20 a.m. because we had a business meeting scheduled for 8 a.m. right after we dropped the kids off at their respective schools.  Needless to say I was feeling a little rushed and pressed for time today.  Between making breakfast for everyone, lunch for the kids, doing the dishes, taking out the garbage and trying to get 4 people showered and in and out of one bathroom, I was just "slightly" stressed.  When I am stressed, I tend to run my mouth.  (It gets a lot of exercise! :)  The surlier I became, the angrier Daddy became.  My unhappy "attitude" really rubs Daddy the wrong way and before we'd even left the house he had promised me a HUGE paddling when he brought me home.  To ensure I knew what was coming, right before we left, he sent the kids out to the car and he gave me a short but HARD bare hand spanking over the couch.
     This did NOTHING to improve my attitude for the rest of the morning.  I became more defiant than ever and Daddy and I quibbled and argued all the way to, and home from, our meeting.  After we came home, Daddy had me get the paddle from the bedroom.  He bent me over the end of the couch and pulled down my pants.  He asked me repeatedly if I knew why I was going to get paddled.  He reminded me of the night before and my indiscretion, and then he talked again of my "attitude" all morning.  Well, I didn't say much.  I agreed about the night before and that I deserved a VERY severe punishment for what I had said.  But as for that morning, I felt like I was just as entitled as anyone else to have a bad morning.  Why should I be punished for that?
     By the way, disagreeing with Daddy while your pants are down around your ankles and your bum is naked up in the air, is NOT a good idea.  I would say he DEFINITELY had the upper hand!  And he used that hand to swing that paddle!  One cheek at a time, over and over again and then plenty of whacks dead center.  I was screaming and crying for him to stop by the time he finally did.  The tears were streaming down my face and my nose was running.
     He came around me, sat down on the couch and pulled me into his lap.  I buried my face in his shoulder and just wept with great big heaving sobs.  He told me that it was okay and it was all over now.  He used soft, low tones and said comforting things.  After a while, my breathing slowed and calmed.  We then had a discussion about WHY I disagreed with his punishment of my behavior this morning.  Daddy listened and apologized if he had flown off the handle too quickly.  Which I really appreciated.  Daddy said he doesn't ever want me to feel I cannot disagree with him.  I just have to learn to do it more respectfully.  I cannot be defiant and indignant.  I must address Daddy with the utmost respect at all times, and I had not done that.  I am sorry Daddy.  Thank you for listening to me and for validating my feelings.  I NEED that!  I love you!

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