Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Perils of Stress

     I mentioned yesterday about the stress Daddy and I are under...right?  I believe I also mentioned my inability to stay out of trouble...well, shall we get straight to it then?!  Daddy and I were trying to talk about the decor and design of our new business.  Well, one thing led to another and suddenly we were arguing.  Daddy was not having it, so he grabbed me by the shoulders and put me right in the corner and yanked my pants down.  Now, normally, I would have accepted what he did without question.  But today, I was pissed off.
    We had both been working VERY hard, and that morning was no exception.  I had just finished cooking breakfast, doing the dishes, folding and putting away a load of laundry and a host of other things.  I had just made both of us a hot cup of tea, and all morning, I had been looking forward to sitting down with it.  When Daddy sent me to the corner, and I saw him plop himself down in his chair with HIS nice hot cup of tea, I just went ballistic!   Why should HE get to sit down and enjoy himself, when I had worked harder ALL morning?!
     I yelled to Daddy that I didn't want to be in the corner.  He said, "You stay there!"  I stomped my feet and turned myself around and shouted, "No!"  Well, this did not please Daddy.  He came storming over to me, grabbed me by the arm and dragged me up the stairs, kicking and screaming the whole way.  (Kids were at school, BTW, no worries!)  When we reached the bedroom, Daddy threw me face down, a__ up on the bed.  He grabbed the BIG paddle and just let loose.
     The first blow landed like a thunderclap.  It rocked me to my core...I immediately stood up and yelled out, "Oh F__k!"  Daddy pushed me back down over the bed and continued to beat my bottom.  I screamed like I have NEVER screamed before.  I was begging and pleading for him to stop.  I had never experienced so much pain with each individual swing of that paddle.  (A full 24 hours later, I still cannot sit down.)  When Daddy was finished, I collapsed into a heap on the floor, shaking and bawling my eyes out.
     During the paddling, the force of his blows were so intense, that I managed to urinate all over the end of the bed, the floor and Daddy's legs.  Daddy scooped me up off the floor and laid me down across the bed.  He told me that little girls who have temper tantrums, get treated like the babies that they are. He slowly cleaned me up, diapered me and put a fresh clean onesie and nightgown on me.  He told me that I had been a very bad girl, and I was to spend the whole day in bed.  He said that I was not to get out of bed for any reason, or I would be in some REAL trouble.  I nodded slowly and silently to everything he said.  When I was all clean and fresh, Daddy tucked me in.  He brought me cold juice in my sippy cup and put my pacifier in my mouth.  He kissed my forehead and said, "There.  Now you are back to being my BabyDoll again."  Then he smiled and  I knew I was forgiven.
     As badly as my bottom hurt, and still does, I laid there feeling very content and very loved.  As much as I wanted out of that bed, I knew that Daddy's punishment was fair, just and NECESSARY. I have never behaved so defiantly and my hope is to never do so again.  But I am no angel and we shall see, what we shall see!  ;)   I just laid there, closed my eyes, and dreamed about my Daddy.     :)  

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