Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Had It Coming

     Sorry for not posting for so long!  Daddy and I are super busy with our new business venture  and we have been just crazed lately.  Being at work for eighteen hours a day just leaves no time for blogging!  :(   Needless to say, Daddy has NOT been happy with me lately.  We have had a LOT going on during this past week.  We have had a plethora of appointments and meetings and NO "Daddy and BabyDoll" time.  I have been mouthing off and being disrespectful to my Daddy.  I do not act this way on purpose...it is just that when Daddy is unable to punish me the way he wants, when he wants,and I need, I tend to start to rebel.  We have also had company staying with us, therefore, most traditional spankings have been out of the question.  I have gotten several lectures, and one silent spanking, but no hand or paddle spankings (or corner time) for a couple of days.  This is unusual and distressing.  While at work yesterday, I even mouthed off to Daddy.  In front of the entire staff, he ordered me downstairs to the basement.  Everybody simultaneously said, "Ooooohh!"  A couple of them giggled.  One person said, "You're in trouble!"  I said, "I guess SO."
     I sheepishly followed Daddy down into the basement.  He took me into the boiler room and shut the door behind him.  He turned to me and said, "Being fresh to Daddy?  And in front of the staff no less!"  He pushed me face down over a folding table and held me there.  He spanked me good and hard, over my pants.  First one cheek, then the other in turn.  It was hard enough to actually bring a small tear to my eye.  When he was finished, he pulled me up to face him.  I looked sorrowfully up at him and whispered, "I am sorry Daddy."   I did not mean to respect my Daddy.  Especially in front of his staff.  I was truly ashamed of my behavior.  He told me that when he got home that night, I would be taught a severe lesson.  I knew he was right and that I deserved whatever I got.  I said, "Yes Daddy."  Then he kissed me and sent me home to await my fate.
     Daddy called at about 8 o'clock and said he was on his way home.  All of a sudden, I was both excited and terrified.  When Daddy gets this upset, he is extremely calm.  Almost...unnervingly calm.  It's enough to drive me to distraction!  I nervously waited his arrival.  When I heard the engine pull up in the driveway, my stomach tightened and I felt sick.  I heard his footsteps on the porch, and I got up to greet him at the door.  As soon as he entered the house and had his coat off, he ordered me to the bedroom.
     He pulled out a small rocking chair with no arms on it, and he sat down.  It was at this point that I noticed he had the wooden spatula in his hand...my LEAST favorite spanking implement.  It has a terrible sting to it, that lingers for hours!  He told me to remove my pants and shoes and come to him.  I did as I was told and removed my pants and shoes and stood before him.  He then bent me over his knees.  He tickled my naked bottom with the spatula while he chastised my behavior over the last few days.  He told me that I was acting too much, like a big girl.  He said this spanking was going to remind me that I am Daddy's BabyDoll, and NOT a big girl at all.  He said, "Twenty sets."  I just whimpered.  He then proceeded to spank each cheek twenty times, each in it's own turn. (Then 19 on each cheek etc.)  By the end of the first set, I was already tearing up.  By the end of all twenty sets, I was crying like Daddy's little baby girl.  Which, I am pretty sure, is the desired effect.  Daddy then pulled me up into his lap and rocked me back and forth.  He was stroking my hair and kissing my head.  He said, "It's okay, it's all over... for now.  Daddy forgives you."  I just nuzzled in and let him rock me back and forth.
     Before I was allowed to go downstairs, however, Daddy had one more little trick up his sleeve.  He bent me over at the waist and gave me a quick silent spanking.  Daddy said that this would help me to remember that I am Daddy's BabyDoll.  As if I could forget with my A__ stinging the way it was!  I somehow knew, though, that this wasn't then end of my punishment for the evening.  But I had no idea of when or what Daddy had planned for the rest of the night.
    The next  3 hours passed rather uneventfully.  It was about 12:30 a.m. last night when Daddy told me to go to bed and he would be up in a minute.  When he came upstairs he told me to stand up, which I did.  He then turned me around, lifted up my nightgown and bent me over the bed.  I could hear him fiddling with something, but I wasn't sure what it was.  Then I felt a gloved finger push inside my rectum.  He was using lube, so that wasn't too bad.  But then he slipped in another finger...and then another.  It hurt and I whined for Daddy to stop.  He said that it was his fault for neglecting my anus so much and that he would be sure to rectify that situation.  Then he pulled his hand out from inside me and I breathed a sigh of relief.  I went to get up and Daddy pushed me back down on the bed.  He spread my bottom open and entered me with his penis.  I cried out for Daddy to stop; that it hurt.  He told me this wasn't supposed to feel good, that it was part of my punishment.  I tried very hard to relax my bottom to make it more comfortable.  Daddy kept scolding me the whole time.  Telling me why my behavior had hurt and disappointed him SO much.  I just cried and repeated the words, "I'm sorry Daddy."  And I truly was.  I had let Daddy down and it made me feel horrible, even worse than my bottom felt right at that moment.
     When Daddy was finished, he slowly pulled his penis out of my anus.  Then he, very gently and tenderly,  wrapped me up in his arms and held me quietly for a long time.  Then he told me how precious I am to him and how he wants me to be better.  I just immersed myself in his arms and his love, always knowing that everything he does is out of his love and devotion for me.  And I, in turn, love and respect him for that.
     I tend to forget myself, meaning my BabyDoll self, when out in the "vanilla" world and it is very hard to change gears, and mindset, quickly.  Try as I might, I often break Daddy's rules.  And now that Daddy and I are in business together, I have a sinking feeling my bottom is going to HATE me!  Daddy said that from now on, the repercussions of my actions will be felt IMMEADIATELY.  Even if that means spanking me in public.  *Yikes!*  Here's hoping I learn how to behave better...quickly!  But let's face it...you ALL know that I probably won't!  Stay tuned...   ;)
                         Wishing Everyone Peace, Love and  Every Happiness!

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