Monday, March 24, 2014

Daddy's Branching Out...

     I apologize for my extended absence!  Life is just CRAZY busy right now!  Trying to get a new business off the ground has about a billion steps; and they all involve driving somewhere!  I have spent the last two weeks in my car, and things will not be letting up anytime soon.  But I did want to share a quick incident with you.
     With all of our new corporate doings, I have had to be (and Daddy has required me to be) a very strong, loud and insistent business woman.  He wants me to be able to haggle for the best price from the vendors we deal with, but than he expects me to turn around and ask permission to use the bathroom.  I don't mind telling you, at times this seems like an impossible task to me.  I often find myself incapable of mastering the two and I have been failing miserably at it.  Oh, I've got the smart and sassy businesswoman part's just the submissive wife part that seems to suffer.
     Anyway, Daddy has been very upset with me and my behavior as of late.  He thinks my business persona is carrying too much over into our personal relationship.  He thinks I am acting too much like a "big girl" when I should be Daddy's BabyDoll.  Two nights ago, Daddy had enough.  He told me to go into the bathroom and take a shower and shave for him.  I got up and went into the bathroom and did as I was told.  When I got into the shower, I saw the enema bag hanging there.  I immediately felt a knot in my stomach.
     Daddy came into the bathroom and pulled back the curtain on the shower.  He looked at me standing there, wet, naked and frightened.  He saw me look at the enema bag and he smiled.  He told me that he had to cleanse me, in SOME way, to rid me of all the bad things I had been saying and doing.  I just whimpered.  Daddy waited for me to finish shaving and then he told me to bend over.  He lubricated the tip and inserted the tube, then unclamped the hose.  I could feel the cool water rushing into me extremely fast.  It hurt and made my stomach start cramping immediately.  I was crying softly as Daddy scolded me.  He told me that just spanking and corner time were not working on keeping my attitude in check and so it was time for some new forms of punishment. I kept moaning and whining until I heard Daddy say, "Good girl".  The bag was empty, and Daddy slowly removed the tube.
    He then helped me out of the shower and dried me with the towel.  I had a very hard time holding it in, just standing there.  I asked Daddy if I could go to the bathroom and he said no.  I just started to cry, saying I couldn't hold it any longer.  Daddy finished drying me off, kissed my head, and told me I could use the toilet.  Thank God!  I had never felt so relieved in all my life.  Things could have gone horribly wrong if he'd made me wait any longer!
     I think I was in the bathroom for half an hour or more, before I emerged.  I definitely had much less fight and attitude in me after that!  (Much less of ANYTHING in me after that!)  I just went upstairs and collapsed on the bed.  Daddy put a clean nightgown on me, and put me in a diaper.  Then he tucked me in, kissed me and said goodnight.  He told me he knew that I would be a much better BabyDoll in the morning...and wouldn't you know it...I was!
                                                Love and Best Wished to Everyone!

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